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Charged With A Misdemeanor? You'll Need To Hire An Attorney

Misdemeanor Criminal Defense

Criminal Defense Attorney in Sanford, NC

Typically thought of as a lesser charge, misdemeanors can actually carry a heavier price than many people realize. These types of crimes may not be as highly penalized as a felony, but they can still land high fines and jail time. When you do obtain a criminal record, it is not just the sentencing that you will have to endure.

Those charges can stem out and affect numerous areas of your life. Often times that includes loved ones, such as family members and friends. A criminal charge can also mean that in the future when you look to enroll in schooling or gain employment, your criminal record can be brought up in a background search. Defending against misdemeanor charges is important and an attorney at our firm, Post | Foushee | Gordon – Trial Lawyers can help.

Charged With a Misdemeanor?

A few examples of misdemeanor criminal offenses in NC are Driving While Licensed Revoked, Simple Assault, Trespassing, Simple Drug Possession, etc. Some crimes can be considered a misdemeanor or a felony, such as a DWI or traffic offense, and the seriousness of the situation will determine what it is charged as. While a misdemeanor will typically carry a smaller sentencing, it does not mean you are always off the hook regarding jail time. Misdemeanors are broken up into classes in North Carolina, and each of these classes can carry different punishments.

Misdemeanors will often involve financial costs as well as supervised and unsupervised probation. Probation can include drug testing, mental evaluation, and mandatory monthly meetings with a probation officer. These types of punishments are often left up to the discretion of a judge to decide.

For those who are first-time offenders, they may be allowed to enter into a deferred prosecution agreement in which they must adhere to certain guidelines such as taking an alcohol education program. After the time they are ordered to carry out these conditions is over, they will return to court. If they have completed all of the steps they were told to finish, then their case will be dismissed by the district attorney.

Misdemeanor Defense in North Carolina

Misdemeanor cases do not go to trial quite as often felonies, but it is still important to have an attorney present whether your case does or doesn't make it to trial. An attorney at our firm can help protect your rights guaranteed to you by the Constitution. Our attorneys are involved in all negotiation proceedings, case investigation, and trial strategy.

Kevin Foushee and Chas Post make up the misdemeanor defense team at our firm, and they both relish the opportunity to help their clients achieve the best possible outcome. If there's a good deal to cut, they will cut it. If the case needs to go trial, they will try it. In all aspects of the case, the best interest of the client is always on the forefront.

Established in 1946, our firm has an outstanding background involving nearly 70 years of combined legal experience. That is the time that we have been able to develop our skills, gain further knowledge and witness what criminal defense tactics prove to be the most effective. Do not delay in calling our firm to find out how we can defend you. Having a criminal defense attorney from Post | Foushee | Gordon – Trial Lawyers in your misdemeanor case can be the deciding factor between a guilty or not guilty outcome.

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