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Were You A Victim of a Motorcycle Accident? We Will Fight For Your Rights To Compensation

Sanford, NC Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

Motorcycle Accident Injuries in Sanford, NC

If you or your loved one has been the victim of a negligent driver and were injured in a motorcycle accident, you may not know where to turn. As the injuries sustained by motorcyclists are frequently severe, requiring extensive medical treatment, surgeries, and rehabilitation, the legal issues surrounding a claim for compensation are extremely important.

It is vital that you have legal representation with a history of successful claims and trials representing you. A Sanford personal injury attorney from Post | Foushee | Gordon – Trial Lawyers can help. Our firm has been a staple in Lee County for nearly 70 years. As experienced trial lawyers, our legal team has great insight into how to best manage and file a claim, negotiate a settlement, or take a case to trial when this will serve the injured victim's interests.

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Motorcycle accidents are frightening and exceptionally dangerous, even at slow speeds. Many victims suffer severe injuries, while others may have sustained injuries that can be resolved in a matter of months. In either case, the costs of medical care, loss of income from work, pain and suffering and other damages should be recovered from the responsible party. Our firm will uncover the responsible parties through a thorough investigation.

You are likely owed compensation if your injuries were caused by any of the following:

  • A reckless driver
  • A driver under the influence
  • A driver tired or distracted
  • A defective part on your motorcycle
  • The county's failure to warn of a present danger

In many cases, victims of motorcycle accidents do not pursue compensation because they feel as though the accident was partly their fault as well. This is no reason to throw out your case. You may still be entitled to a compensation as long as it can be shown that the majority of the fault was on another party - at least 51% of the total fault. This simply means that your overall recovery may be reduced accordingly to account for your involvement in the accident.

Obtaining Your Experienced Advocate

Many who are victims of motorcycle accidents suffer from a long recovery, and may have been permanently injured, such as in cases of traumatic brain injury, amputations, spinal cord injuries or other permanently disabling injuries. The attorneys from our firm will move forward to pursue every possible form of compensation.

Mr. Chip Post has tried more personal injury cases than any other attorney in Lee County, and his depth of experience, commitment to each individual client, and aggressive approach has been exceptionally successful. It is imperative that your case is handled by a true legal professional if you hope to recover compensation that reflects all the damages in your case, both economic and non-economic.

Contact a Sanford motorcycle accident lawyer from our firm at once in cases of injury after an accident.

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