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Anyone can be charged with a criminal offense in State or Federal Court. Our attorneys at Post | Foushee | Gordon – Trial Lawyers examine each and every element of your case in order to find a way to help you. If there is an issue with your case that can be won at trial, we will fight it. Similarly, if a matter in your case justifies a dismissal or reduction, we will work tirelessly on your behalf to get the matter resolved in your favor. Remember, an arrest is NOT a conviction.

If you have been charged with a criminal offense, a Sanford attorney from our firm stands ready to come to your defense. We will protect your rights and ensure effective and aggressive defense actions are taken without delay. Post | Foushee | Gordon – Trial Lawyers represent individuals charged in State and Federal Court with Serious Felonies, Criminal Misdemeanors, Driving While Impaired (DWI), and Traffic Offenses.

Defending Criminal Charges in Sanford, NC

We have a reputation in the area for consistent and insightful defense of the most challenging cases. If you are facing any of the circumstances described in brief here, read more about it and then contact us as soon as possible. There are often time constrictions on actions that can be taken on your behalf and these deadlines can affect our ability to do the most for you. The sooner we can get to work for you, the better.

These are generally considered to be crimes less serious than a felony and they will carry less of a penalty, however, they can still be highly damaging and lead to a mark on the criminal record of a person found guilty. Avoiding a conviction is important since it can not only leave you with fines or probation time, in addition to being viewable to the public including future employers. A misdemeanor can be a smaller crime that can still leave you with an unfortunate outcome.

A felony is the most serious charge that person can receive, although there are different types of felonies that will punished in various manners. Those convicted can face jail time, probation, high fines, community service and more. The state follows the three strikes law so those that are convicted four times will have their sentencing increased each time after that. A charge for a felony such as rape, murder, drug trafficking or burglary can be detrimental to the life and goals of a person. When you are suspected of a crime of this nature, you need to seek capable defense fast.

DWI (Driving While Impaired)
Driving while impaired is a crime in any state. Impairment can be a result of drugs, alcohol and even prescription medication. The blood alcohol content level of a person is required to be less than .08 percent for them to legally be behind the wheel. When you are suspected of drinking and driving an officer can choose to pull you over to assess if you appear to have been drinking. Often times it is useful to remain silent so as to not incriminate yourself further.

DMV Hearings & License Restorations
There are many reasons that may cause a person to lose their license. If you have been caught drinking and driving you could have had your license suspended or revoked as a penalty. When your license is suspended you lose your privilege to drive. Though it can eventually be restored if you meet the requirements, any time without your license can be challenging. Our attorneys can aid you in pursuing a DMV hearing where you can state the reasons you need driving privileges and may be granted some of them until you are able to regain your license.

Traffic Offenses
Streets and freeways are used by many as a way to get around but it is important to never become too comfortable when driving. A mistake can leave you facing a traffic offense that can be costly. Speeding, running a red light, reckless driving and driving without a license are all examples of a traffic violation that can go on your record. The more offenses you accrue on your record, the more your insurance rates can begin to climb.

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Established in 1946 and with nearly 70 years of combined experience in negotiations and trials, you can feel confident that you will be represented well and will have the best opportunity to achieve the most favorable outcome possible for your case. Several attorneys at our firm handle criminal cases throughout the state, including attorneys Chip Post, Kevin Foushee, and Chas Post.

Attorney Chip Post focuses primarily on Serious Felonies and Federal Crimes. Attorney Kevin Foushee works with a wide array of criminal matters such as Serious Felonies, specifically Felony Drug Cases, Criminal Misdemeanors, DWI, Traffic Offenses, Petitions for Expunction, Appeals and more. Attorney Chas Post concentrates his practice on the defense DWI, Traffic Offenses, Serious Felonies and Criminal Misdemeanors. Mr. Chas Post also provides zealous representation at NC DMV hearings and prides himself on helping his clients with their NC Driver's License Restoration Projects.

Contact a Sanford criminal defense lawyer from our firm immediately if you are facing criminal charges.

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