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Divorcing spouses, whether hostile towards one another or not, are frequently unprepared to deal with questions of spousal support. The complexities of evaluating settlement offers and counter-offers are best handled by your Sanford family lawyer. Our lawyers are objective and insightful during such negotiations and will fight to protect your rights.

In our state, a dependent spouse is someone (whether husband or wife) who is actually substantially dependent upon the other spouse for his or her maintenance and support, or is substantially in need of maintenance and support from the other person. A dependent spouse may receive post-separation support (temporary alimony paid for a specified limited duration of time) or alimony by agreement between the parties or by court order. Ideally this agreement is worked out by the two parties with the assistance of their legal representatives.

Spousal Support Agreements in Sanford, NC

There are many factors that a judge will look at when determining fair spousal support. The first factor listed in the statutes is marital misconduct. There are also over a dozen additional factors considered such as the relative earnings of the spouses, the duration of the marriage, property bought during the marriage and any other factors relating to financial circumstances that the court deems worthy of examining.

Our attorneys are skilled and insightful in presenting all relevant facts covering the points that will be examined by the judge. Your circumstances will be presented in the most ideal way possible to increase the possibility that you will get the most favorable judgment attainable.

Don't settle for anything less than experienced and successful legal representation. Contact a Sanford spousal support lawyer at our firm to represent you in your divorce.

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