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Sanford, NC Wrongful Death Attorney

Protecting Surviving Families in Lee County, Harnett County, Chatham County and Moore County

When a loved one loses their life from the negligence or misconduct of another person or business the family members are left to deal with the loss and often the significant medical costs incurred prior to death. If this has happened to you or another family member, a Sanford personal injury attorney should be consulted as soon as possible. A surviving spouse, children and in some cases, parents can bring a wrongful death claim against the responsible parties when these factors are present:

  • The death of a close relative
  • Cause of the death was another's negligence or deliberate intent to cause harm
  • Surviving family members are overburdened with financial debt because of the death
  • Appointment of a personal representative for the estate of the deceased.

Causes of Wrongful Death in Sanford, NC

There are many types of causes that can result in a wrongful death. Medical malpractice is one and it can include surgical negligence, misdiagnosis and improperly prescribed or administered medications. Car accidents, truck accidents, exposure to dangerous conditions or substances, and criminal conduct are additional examples. If these or similar circumstances resulted in the death of your loved one, a consultation with a professional at the firm can help to begin the recovery process. Financial compensation may be available to you.

The vast knowledge and experience of the attorneys at the firm with cases like these can truly help you when you are suffering from your loss. They have fought compassionately for many before you and have won significant settlements and awards from trials victories. They can provide helpful guidance during overwhelmingly upsetting conditions.

If you have lost a loved one in an accident and you want help to seek justice for the wrongs committed, contact a Sanford wrongful death attorney at the firm as soon as possible.