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Premises Liability Lawyer in Sanford, NC

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Premises liability cases come about when those responsible for the safety and maintenance of public or private property neglect to maintain safe conditions and people are injured. Falling trees, cracked sidewalks, damaged stairs, icy walkways, and innumerable other hazards threaten the safety of customers and visitors. Failure to provide sufficient lighting or security cameras can also be cause for damages. When a clear and obvious duty existed by the person or business responsible for the property, it can be easy to prove a claim of personal injury. It is in your best interests to have professional legal counsel that is experienced in analyzing fault in premises liability cases. A Sanford personal injury attorney from the law firm brings decades of experience achieving successful results for their clients. They can meet with you and evaluate the circumstances of your individual case. They can advise you if there is a potential personal liability case to be pursued.

Injured on commercial, private, government or public property?

There is often more than one person responsible for injuries in a premises liability case. For example, the property manager of an apartment building can be held responsible for failing to report a hazardous crack in a sidewalk in front of the apartment building to the proper city officials. If a resident reported it to the city and the city failed to respond in a timely manner, they too can be named as a responsible party in the case. Premises liability cases often involve a number of attorneys and insurance companies. To obtain the best possible results for your case you want an experienced and aggressive negotiator who can successfully litigate as well. The firm has the record of accomplishment you are looking for.

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