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Sanford, NC Child Custody Attorney

Child Support in Sanford, NC

Child custody and support issues can be the source of severe emotional impact on the children, but also the parents. In many divorces, there has been a serious breakdown in communication and what is best for the children can also be a great source of disagreement. Even when both parties can come to a resolution regarding child custody, a Sanford family law attorney should review those agreements to make sure that all eventualities are included. The firm has decades of experience in these matters which gives them valuable insight with regard to your legal rights and how to manage the issues of child support and child custody. They have aggressively defended the rights of their clients when children are being used by a former spouse to exact punishment or revenge. The firm's goal is to bring about a legal resolution that reflects your objectives with regard to your children.

Child Custody & Support Issues in Lee County, Harnett County, Chatham County and Moore County

Once custody is established, the matters of support can be addressed. Child support should cover the costs of the needs of the child and when there is accord between the parents as to what those needs are, an agreement can often be worked out between them with the guidance and insight of their attorney. Sometimes it is to the benefit of the client and their children to bring matters of custody and child support before the court. If your former spouse is demanding unwarranted sums or if you suspect they may be irresponsible in the honest management of the support payments, the firm will fight aggressively for your rights and the rights of your child. The attorney from the firm is committed to any necessary action that preserves those rights. The legal team is recognized for their skill in handling the most difficult cases.

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