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Charged with DWI in Lee County, Harnett County, Chatham County or Moore County?

Driving while impaired is a serious charge that can significantly impact your future if you are convicted. A skilled and experienced Sanford criminal defense lawyer from Doster, Post, Foushee, Post & Patton, P.A. - Trial Attorneys has helped many clients charged with DWI to avoid the serious consequences from of a conviction. In first offense cases, the firm can seek to have charges reduced. They will energetically examine police reports and sobriety tests to establish if your constitutional rights were violated in any way. If they find this to be the case, they will aggressively seek a dismissal of the charges. The firm is committed to every client and the protection of their rights under the law, and will work tirelessly to bring about the most advantageous outcome possible for you.

Driving While Impaired in Sanford, NC

When a law enforcement officer stops you and suspects that your driving abilities are impaired due to alcohol, illegal drugs or prescription medications there are exact procedures that he/she must follow during an arrest. Under the Fourth Amendment to the Constitution they may only stop you if they have reasonable suspicion or probable cause to do so. Examples might be driving erratically, an expired license plate, a broken taillight or a moving violation. If you were validly stopped and the officer suspected DWI, he most likely informed you he wanted you to undergo one or more of the various field sobriety tests. These tests are often administered incorrectly and the results could be successfully challenged, either prior to trial or in court.

Do not let the possible consequences from a DWI conviction damage your reputation and opportunities. Take fast action and consult with a representative from the firm.

Attorneys Kevin Foushee and Chas Post handle the firms Driving While Impaired cases. Mr. Chas Post prides himself on bringing a comprehensive knowledge of the law to the representation of his clients. In October of 2011, Mr. Post received a Certificate of Training from Drugs & Alcohol Risk Management, Inc. for his participation in the 24-hour National Highway Traffic Safety Administration DWI Detection and Standardized Field Sobriety Testing Program. This Certificate of Training requires the same training law enforcement officers undergo to learn to spot and arrest motorists suspected of driving while impaired.

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