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Business Organization & Formation in Sanford, NC

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Starting your own business is exciting and adventurous. There are several options that you have to legally form your business and organize it to protect you against future liability. There are important decisions that need to be made knowledgeably. Choosing the right structure can affect a future sale of the business or your financial stability in the event of various circumstances. A Sanford business litigation lawyer from the attorneys at Doster, Post, Foushee, Post & Patton, P.A. - Trial Attorneys will be able to advise you insightfully, answer your questions and ensure that you and your business are properly protected for the future. Do not skimp on this vitally important step of creating your company.

Organizing Your Business: The Structure

The first step in the formation of your business is to choose the type of ownership structure. The choices are:

  • LLC or Limited Liability Company: includes elements of partnership and corporate structure
  • Partnership: two or more partners co-own the business and share profits
  • Sole proprietorship: a single individual in business for himself (most small businesses choose this form)
  • Corporation: a business that is legally its own entity
  • Non-Profit: organization established for some other purpose than financial profit
  • Co-operative: organization jointly owned by those that use its services

Choosing the right type of structure for your business will depend upon how many owners there are, how you want it to be run, the type of business that it is and many others. The trusted legal counsel at the firm will make sure that you have taken all necessary legal steps to support the prosperity of your new business.

When forming a new business, contact a Sanford business litigation lawyer at the firm and be assured your legal basics are covered.