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Automobile Accident Attorney in Sanford

Protecting the Rights of Injured Motorists in North Carolina

Every day, hundreds of automobile accidents occur all across the country. Even the most experienced, defensive, and responsible drivers on the roads of North Carolina may be subjected to the negligence and recklessness of motorists who do not pay enough attention to the task at hand. In some cases, it is not even another car that crashes into you.

The Sanford personal injury lawyers from Doster, Post, Foushee, Post & Patton, P.A. can support you in your time of need after you are involved in a dangerous collision that was not your fault. The firm's focus is to always treat their clients with respect and provide them a comfortable place in which to seek justice and fair compensation. No matter how strange or complicated the circumstances of your automobile accident case may be, you should know that they are prepared to do all they can to see you through to the end.

The firm boasts numerous accolades and accomplishments, including:

  • 60+ years of combined experience
  • Full-service firm – they help you from start to finish
  • "Superb" Avvo rating (Attorney Chas Post)
  • Teamwork approach to each case

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Types of Automobile Accidents

Each collision that occurs needs to be viewed as the unique situation that it is. The attorneys at the firm hold onto this belief, and never use a cookie-cutter, premanufactured approach to how they handle your case. Through careful examination of physical evidence, witness testimonies, and other various details, they can establish the fact that liability should not be placed upon you.

Forms of automobile accidents they are familiar with include:

The truth is that not every vehicle that can become involved in a dangerous collision will be on land. Boating accidents frequently occur off the coast of North Carolina, or even on the surface of Jordan Lake a short drive north of Sanford. Even cases including watercraft can be handled successfully by the firm.

Compensation without Sacrifice

Sometimes, you may hear stories of people having to find a middle ground agreement with insurance providers and assume some of the blame to get compensation, even though they were totally unaccountable for the automobile accident. At Doster, Post, Foushee, Post & Patton, P.A., the Sanford car accident lawyers there can do everything in their power, using all of their collective legal experience, to ensure that you receive a fair settlement that does not leave you feeling exploited or forgotten. Your personal finances should not suffer due to a collision that another negligent party causes – it's that simple.

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