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When seeking quality legal representation, you want a firm that has the experience and results. That is what you will find at Doster, Post, Foushee, Post & Patton, P.A. - Trial Attorneys We have been serving clients since 1964 with a range of legal cases. Our team comes with a strong knowledge in many areas of the law and we are able to help our clients with the different legal situations they may be faced with. Below are some of the practice areas our firm handles but for further information about what we may potentially be able to do in your case, speak with our Sanford, NC lawyer.

We Offer Legal Counsel & Representation for the Following

Personal Injury
When injured by the negligence of another person, you may be owed compensation and this can be sought with the assistance of an adept attorney. Personal injury cases are challenging but it is imperative that you do not wait too long to seek results since you can eventually become ineligible. Compensation may be used for medical costs, lost wages and additional pain and suffering. The current and future costs should be considered in your case to make sure that your needs are fully addressed.

Workers' Compensation
Injuries from a job can happen in a second during an accident, or it can be the result of the daily grind. There are many reasons that harm can be suffered and who is responsible can differ. Workers' compensation can allow for a simpler process to gain compensation but you may not always be given the full amount that you are owed.

Social Security Disability
While many people expect that their Social Security Disability will be waiting for them when they need it, they can actually find that they are unable to get the benefits that they had been lead to believe they would receive. You may just be applying or you could have already been denied but it is best to speak with an attorney about your case.

Family Law
Going through a divorce is a challenging process that will entail a number of aspects. Even for those who are not divorcing, there are many important areas of family law that may need to be decided. The firm can work with you to resolve matters of spousal support, child custody and more. The outcome of a family law case can have long term effects so you want to make every effort to gain the results that you want from the start.

Criminal Defense
Faced with criminal charges? Do not wait to retain strong defense as soon as possible. A criminal charge can lead to serious penalties, such as high costs, probation and even jail time. The firm handles even the most difficult cases, including those that are prosecuted at the federal level, as well as representing misdemeanor charges.

Estate Planning & Probate
Planning for an estate and handle the probate process are complex and these steps can be greatly alleviated with the representation of a professional. It is important that they are handled correctly to both protect the integrity of the estate and carry out the intentions of the deceased.

Business Law
There are many legal situations that can come up in regards to a business and these may influence the overall integrity of the business. Action should be taken fast so that the matter can be resolved in a timely manner.

Real Estate
Real estate law can encompass many aspects, including loan matters. To protect your interests in the property it is best that you are represented by a lawyer with the insight and ability to look out for your good throughout the process.

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